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Dr. Lang has B.S. degrees in mechanical and civil engineering from CalTech, an M.S. degree in aeronautics from USC, and a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering from The Pennsylvania State University.  Dr. Lang has over eighty publications, over thirty patents, and four books.

His experience in engineering includes design, research, analysis, invention, prototyping and management.  He was employed at a Naval Laboratory in San Diego where he initiated and headed the Advanced Concepts Division.  After 27 years, he retired early to start a small corporation to design SWATH ships worldwide.  This work led to many design contracts in the US and overseas, including a major contract with British Shipbuilders. 

Dr. Lang is best known for his invention of the modern SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) ship concept that includes eight patents, and well over 50 ships built, for which he received the SWATH PIONEER AWARD from seven U.S. engineering societies, an award from the Marine Technical Society, and the prestigious David W. Taylor Medal from SNAME, the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.

I like new concepts and ideas, and enjoy solving problems in new and better ways.  Thinking from different viewpoints is helpful in solving a problem.  I sometimes shift gears by thinking like an engineer, scientist, inventor, or analyst.

My special interests include a new unified theory of physics, air cavity drag reduction, SWATH ships, planing SWATH boats, and hydrofoil boats.

I currently work full time on my physics theory, and part time on my active patents on air cavity drag reduction (ACDR).

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